Willow Kiln Keyring

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Just look how cute these willow kiln keyrings are!! 

They are made from a recycled willow plate .  This blue willow plate was originally made here in our hometown of Staffordshire.

We've taken the time to get that lovely bottle kiln shape including a little arched doorway from the broken shards of the plate and filed away any sharp edges so it's smooth and comfortable to hold.  The handmade black wire cloud adds the finishing touch to remind us of those old smoky days when this plate was most probably fired in a bottle kiln building.

The kiln  measures  approximately 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.

These are a limited edition  and the pattern may vary on the front of the kiln.  Message us if you want a particular design so we can tell you what we have available.

Coming soon.......pink willow keyrings. jewellery and other designs so watch with space !!!