Bronze Oatcake Earrings Rolled Silver Hoops

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Keep an oatcake close to your heart (and stomach) with these beautiful bronze and 925 silver Scruffy Little Herbert earrings.

Hand sculpted in Staffordshire, this tactile jewellery really does stand out as a thing of beauty.  We love the sumptuous oaty texture on the outside complimenting the smooth silky interior.

One of the most endearing charms to these oatcakes are the odd naturally occurring bubbles, cracks, ripples and frills which are in a likeness to the edible Staffordshire oatcakes that let the flavours of the filling flood out. 

Every bronze oatcake is hand crafted so will be a unique piece to you and they will differ very slightly from the photos shown. 

Please allow 7-14 days for dispatch.