Body Positive Willow Mug

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'You are a limited edition. A masterpiece , exactly as you are'

This is your chance to get your hands on this gorgeous new Body Positive inspired Willow Fine Bone China Mug.

I am passionate that I want my kids to grow up respecting all bodies of every colour, shape, ability and gender and most importantly I want them to embrace how unique every individual person is, no matter how they look . The way people look is literally the least amazing thing about them, it's just this messed up society that's inventing new flaws every other week so they can then sell you the 'cure' for it. The reality is that our kids are growing up surrounded by these ridiculous standards of beauty which seem to want everyone to starve, pluck, dye and shrink themselves into this same boring airbrushed image of a person.*yawn *. So many people are wasting masses of headspace worrying about the way they look and the way they don't fit in, but imagine if they weren't? Imagine how many more magical things people could do if they could embrace their bodies, flaws n all, and explored their minds instead. This is where BODY POSITIVITY comes in. I absolutely love this movement.

This mug features some of the most inspiring people of the movement including Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda) , Tess Holliday, Harnaam Kaur  to name but a few.

 This is the very last batch of these mugs so when they're gone they're gone .