Stokie Willow Clock

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Its here! The long awaited Stokie Willow clock to match our Stokie Willow mug and plate.

In our homage to the traditional famous Willow pattern this carefully designed clock features so many things we love in modern day Stoke. oatcakes, ducks, treasure, kilns, staffordshire knots and even the amazing B’oatcake boat ( if you haven’t checked that out, you really need to!).

This 10" Fine Bone China clock is designed by Scruffy Little Herbert and produced and decorated right here in Staffordshire, the heart of The Potteries by Duchess China 1888 who focus on British made products.

We chose sweep clock hand movements which are quiet so you won't hear it ticking. There is only a limited amount of clocks available so grab them while you can!