Willow Pocket Mirror

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This  pocket mirror has a delightful modern Willow design to it and is full to the brim of interesting details about our  local heritage, in Stoke-on-Trent (old and new).

This includes the B'Oatcake boat which makes and sells our local delicacy, Staffordshire oatcakes, on the boat along the canals near our most famous Pottery factories.

The Wedgwood blue colour and trees helped to keep some of the traditional feel about the the timeless look.

This handy pocket size mirror is 7.5cm in diameter (about 3 inches) so there is a good amount of space to view your make up in .  It's a nice comfy size to hold too.

A perfect little gift or gesture for any lover of The Potteries theme.

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the Scruffiest of them all?'